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Quality Medical Care


Annoor was established as a sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) among the Bedouin of Jordan and surrounding areas. In many ways, TB patients suffer beyond their disease due to its social stigma, often ostracized by their families and communities. A husband will sometimes divorce his wife after finding out that she has been diagnosed with TB, or workers may lose their jobs, etc. 


Because of the social stigma still attached to TB in Jordan, special attention is taken in all aspects of care at Annoor, including infection control, to make TB patients feel respected as human beings who deserve compassionate care and treatment.


Tuberculosis: The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of tuberculosis and has become a referral center for multi-drug resistant (MDR-TB) cases. Most of the patients are at an advanced stage of the disease requiring an average inpatient time of two months or longer. The sanatorium follows the World Health Organization’s protocol to ensure the highest quality treatment.


Chronic Chest Disease: In addition to TB, Annoor cares for those suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, severe asthma, pneumonia and lung abscesses.


Public Health: Patients receive education on hygiene and sanitation while at the hospital. This in turn can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like TB.


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