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In 1991, Annoor opened a clinic in the southern Jordanian village of Ras An Naqab. Dr. Eleanor Soltau, then in her 70s, oversaw the operation of this facility through 1997.

There was a great need to reach the underserved Bedouins of Southern Jordan, who are some of the poorest in the country. The availability of the abandoned facilities made the creation of the clinic very practical. The opening of the Naqab Clinic has allowed Annoor to serve those Bedouins who inhabit some of Jordan’s most undeveloped regions. 


The Ras An Naqab clinic is situated in a converted government rest house that overlooks the desert sands of Wadi Rum. The facility draws patients from Karak in the north to Aqaba in the south and from Wadi Araba on the western border to the eastern borders with Saudi Arabia. The facility serves approximately 300 patients each month. There are no accommodations on the site for admitting in-patients, but those requiring more extensive care are transferred to the larger facility in Mafraq.

Ras An Naqab Clinic

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